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Child with eczema

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General Information


Documents on treatments of eczema
Text version 
Salt Water Baths & Eczema pdfsmall
Skin Moisturisers in Atopic Eczema   pdfsmall 
Atopic Eczema and Steroid Creams  pdfsmall
Phototherapy pdfsmall
Allergy Tests for Atopic Eczema  pdfsmall
Infections and Atopic Eczema  pdfsmall
Children Newly Diagnosed with Eczema  pdfsmall
Scalp eczema  pdfsmall 
Wet Wrapping pdfsmall 
Antiseptic Baths (Bleach Bath)  pdfsmall
Habit reversal and chronic atopic eczema in childhood pdfsmall

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Living with Eczema

Documents on managing eczema on a day-to-day basis
Text version
Siblings of children with eczema pdfsmall
Bathing & showering pdfsmall   
Holiday travelling with eczema   pdfsmall
Caring for eczema during winter   pdfsmall 
Diet and your child pdfsmall
Eczema and Bullying  pdfsmall  
Eczema and Exercise  pdfsmall

Eczema and Pregnancy pdfsmall  

Nappy Rash pdfsmall
Will my baby have eczema  pdfsmall
Sleep Disturbance  pdfsmall 
Stress and Eczema  pdfsmall
Sun holidays and fun  pdfsmall (Updated May 2022)
Teenage Eczema  pdfsmall
Where to turn to - Advice for carers  pdfsmall

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Other skin conditions

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Advisory Notices

Advisory Notices on skincare products

Title of notices


Steroids found in OSAS (Intensive body lotion with Aloe Vera) 12 December 2007
Fire Hazard with Paraffin Based Skin Products on Dressings and Clothing  26 November 2007
Aqueous cream: contains sodium lauryl sulfate which may cause skin reactions 8 April 2014
Why is aqueous cream no longer recommended as a leave on moisturiser?  

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Guidelines & Standards

Professional Guidelines & Standards on caring for eczema

Title of documents


COVID-19: Guidance for dermatology patients for remote consultations Jun 2020
Eczema Allergy Guidelines Jul 2013
NICE quality standard for childhood eczema Sep 2013
Self Care Forum Factsheet - Eczema Jun 2013
Quality standards for teledermatology May 2013
Working party report on minimum standards for paediatric services 2012 May 2013
NICE Guidelines - Postnatal care (CG037) May 2013
Quality Standards for Dermatology: Providing the right care for people with skin conditions (British Association of Dermatologists) Jul 2011
Management of atopic eczema in primary care. A national clinical guideline (Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network) Mar 2011
NICE Guidelines - Food Allergy in Children and Young People (CG116) Feb 2011 
Caring for children and young people with atopic eczema. Guidance for nurses. (Royal College of Nursing) Apr 2008
NICE Clinical Guidelines - Atopic eczema in children (CG57) Dec 2007

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Current Research & Trials


Helpful Hints


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